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So, if for some strange reason you need to watch terrestrial TV through a device connected to TV, it is possible with this cable.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple's Digital AV Adapter

I only hope, that this will be the case abroad through VPN, will try next time. One person found this helpful. Works great, picture looks hd quality, and sound is good too. I couldn't see any difference in the quality compared to using Airplay over Apple TV. The cable was nice and long. It was easy to use, simply just plug in and play and there is no App installation required. Plus, it is really amazing that there is a usb port to plug lightning power or micro usb into so your iphones smartphones can have power while running.

Cheap Lightning Digital AV HDMI Cable for iPhone /iPads

The video output was P high quality image. This adapter is so handy.

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I haven't stopped using it since I bought it!. This is a good thing, as it would allow users of older iOS devices to utilize the cord for mirroring. Plug and play just as it says. Nice product. Don't count on using Netflix, Hulu, amazon or Comcast tv. If your looking to watch movies this isn't the product for you. Very cool how it displays your phone on the screen. Great item as long as you don't have intentions to transfer movies from your phone to your TV. This cord is awesome! The length of the cables are perfect. But this is exactly what I needed. I can play home videos on our tv or projector very easily.

I've been mostly using it to put exercise videos from the internet up on the screen and it's been so helpful! I also like that I can take it with me so I can show video from trips or whatever else on other people's TVs easily. So Happy with my purchase as we now can hook up to TV so we can all see what is on the ipad. Very durable made. Glad I found this adapter cable! It sure makes life easier and more fun! Good quality good price. This cable is very easy to use, it was up and running in less than 30 seconds.

I purchased a similar cable from elsewhere but I had to return it because there was video lag but I didn't have that issue with this cable. I bought this for my brother and tested it before giving it to him.

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

It works on my iPhone 6s iOS Also the picture quality on a 32 inch screen is not that great but serves the purpose. The ad says it does not work with amazon prime. I tried it with amazon prime. On my first trial it showed an error but on the send try I was able to view amazon prime videos. Was not able to test further as I had to send it to my brother. This device is not compatible with any of apple products it is also has doggy lightning connector which does not properly fit neither iPhone or iPad.

Is this review useful? I bought this alongside my MacBook so that I could backup my Mac. I now discover that this adapter is not compatible with USB 3. Disappointed that this isn't mentioned on the packaging, nor was the information volunteered when I bought it. More Read full review. Does not recognise USB3 drive. The adapter worked for almost a day, but then the keyboard stopped responding.

Checking the adapter I found it was so hot I could not hold it. I unplugged it and found that the ports on the back are smelling of burnt plastic. Clearly there is something fishy with this product - judging from all the other negative reviews too. A very bad situation. This is the only way I can connect a monitor to my MacBook - it's the only port.

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If Apple cannot provide me with a working adapter then my MacBook becomes severely limited! WASTE of money. I have a brand-new Apple MacBook Pro 15" and its fast, seemingly a nice machine which it should be for the money. Apple forced me to buy this Multiport adapte I have a brand-new Apple MacBook Pro 15" and its fast, seemingly a nice machine which it should be for the money.

Apple forced me to buy this Multiport adapter to use my external monitor, keyboard and mouse. I also have to plug things in in a certain order, otherwise the screen doesn't pick up what?! I barely ever write reviews but this experience has pushed me to. What has happened to Apple Mac hardware!? You can use AirPlay to stream it from your iPad or iPhone, or if you subscribe to iTunes Match , your music collection should stream from the Internet.

So it can work as a really cool screen saver.

It's definitely more expensive, but it also has the same basic processing power as an iPad Air and access to a full-featured App Store. But there's one key area where the Digital AV Adapter is definitely the superior solution: Not only is the adapter much smaller than Apple TV, it's also a lot easier to hook up to a television. In order to get AirPlay to work, both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network. At home, this isn't an issue, but if you need a solution for work, such as hooking your iPad up to display a presentation, the need to all be on the same Wi-Fi network can become a burden.

If you need a very mobile solution, the Digital AV Adapter is still the way to go. The Adapter is also the most foolproof solution. There are a few options for older TVs.

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First, you can buy a composite AV cable from Apple, but this cable uses the old pin connector for the iPad. If you have a newer iPad with a Lightning port, you will need the pin to the Lightning adapter as well. A better route would be to go with a breakout box or cable adapter that converted the HDMI signal into component the blue, red and green cables for video or composite the single yellow cable for video.