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Samsung TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

Secrets of the Dead The Nero Files 2: Local Programming 4: Riverdale Chapter Forty-Two: All American m. Dateline Good and Evil 8: Dateline Deadly Trust 9: Blue Bloods Flags of Our Fathers 7: Blue Bloods Back in the Day 8: Blue Bloods Cursed 9: Blue Bloods Stomping Grounds Select the source of the signal Air, Cable, or Both. If you're an antenna user, select Air to scan for over-the-air channels. Start scanning for channels. Once you've started scanning, the TV will cycle through every possible channel and automatically detect which ones bring in a signal and which don't.

Complete the setup.

Once the scanning process is done, you can close it and begin flipping through channels. Samsung also adds separate channels under TV Plus. These are live channels that stream over the internet, giving you a selection of live TV even without an antenna. Start watching live TV.

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Once you've added your local channels, you can view all of your live TV right from the home screen by selecting the Live TV tile from the ribbon menu. You will also be able to pull up a guide of current programming, a channel list that lets you edit channels as you like and a schedule manager for looking ahead to upcoming shows.


Noticiario 9: Documental 9: Documental Noticiario American Car Prospector 6: Motorhead Garage 7: Tech Garage 7: My Classic Car 8: Stacey David's Gearz 8: Sam's Garage 9: The Car Guy Show 9: Motorhead Garage Tech Garage My Classic Car Dream Car Garage WXNY Retro Racket Squad 6: One Step Beyond 6: Four Star Playhouse 7: Ray Bradbury Theater 7: Doctor Who 8: Republic of Doyle 9: Heartland Da Vinci's Inquest Mama's Family 6: The Jeffersons 6: The Andy Griffith Show 8: WKRP in Cincinnati 9: Hogan's Heroes Carol Burnett and Friends Perry Mason WJLP Escape W36DO-D3 Infomercials 6: Infomercials 7: Infomercials 8: Infomercials 9: Infomercials W36DO Azteca America Hechos Meridiano 6: Al extremo en 30 6: Al Extremo 9: Hechos Meridiano Blackish 6: Two and a Half Men Babylon 5 6: Babylon 5 7: Babylon 5 8: Babylon 5 9: Babylon 5 WSWB Stadium The Rally: College Basketball 7: Running with the Pack: Emerge 9: Ring of Honor Wrestling TVC 39 Local Programming La Rosa de Guadalupe 7: Amar a muerte WXTV Bounce Peace Makers 6: Inspiration 6: Characteristics Of The Caller 7: Umdatul Ahkaam 8: Peace Mission 8: Truth Exposed 9: Taraaweeh Guide US TV Insight 6: Study in the Word 6: FWC Music 7: Family Worship Center 8: The Story Behind the Song 9: Message of the Cross Frances and Friends Programa Infantil 6: Tu Historia Preferida 6: Way of the Master 7: Nuestra Herencia 7: Poder para cambiar 8: Oviedo 8: Mensaje de Dios 9: Joshua Media Miniestries 9: Mujer de hoy Palabra, poder y vida WKOB Retro China View 6: World News 6: Economy Report 7: LifeStyles 7: World News 8: China News Report 8: Spotlight 9: World News 9: LifeStyles China News Report World News Weather Report Nightly Business Report 7: Call the Doctor 7: WVIA Create INN News 6: The Ray Lucia Show 7: The WB Show 8: The Big Biz Show 9: Business Rockstars The WB Show WMBQ Infomercials Noticiero Telemundo 47 6: Noticias Telemundo 6: Betty en NY 9: Noticiero Telemundo 47 Los Canarios 6: Terapia de pareja 7: Richard French Live 6: The Young Turks 7: Paid Programming 9: Mercy Ships Secret to Regrow Beautiful Hair WRNN Stadium WRNN Arirang Showbiz Korea 6: Pops in Seoul 6: Arirang News 7: Heart to Heart 7: After School Club 8: K-Phile 9: Shaping The Economy 9: Arirang News Cooking Possible NHK Newsline 6: Core Kyoto 6: NHK Newsline 7: Design Talks Plus 7: NHK Newsline 8: Rising 8: NHK Newsline 9: Trails To Tsukiji 9: NHK Newsline Japan's Top Inventions Lunch On!

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