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Backing up video files can take time depending on the size of the video. Some android video players do not make use of the orientation flags and because of that you will not see any change in the playback orientation. Video Rotate is another Android video rotate app.

Recording the favorite moments and making the beautiful movies just by mobile phone become so easy from now on! Video Editor: All in One is another app to flip video. And it is also a video trimmer and audio cutter which provide various options to the user. This allows you to use your phone or tablet for other things, such as playing games or browsing the Internet. If you intend to use other video editor apps, at the same time your video clip is being processed it will be necessary to charge your phone.

During this time, be sure to leave your phone screen on. You won't be able to use your phone for browsing or gaming while the video is processing because it is so intense on the consumption of power that it will lock up your mobile. Your video is processed on a cloud server, so processing does not drain your battery or slow down your phone at all. You will even be able to create full movies with phones that are less expensive.

Video Converter as an alternative to using MX Video Player, MoboPlayer, DoubleTwist Player, mVideoPlayer, VPlayer, RockPlayer or many other video players to play your videos in various formats, use Video Converter for Android to convert the video to formats that your Android supports, and then enjoy playing the video and using system player with hardware acceleration. It provides a better video experience. It's also an app to rotate videos. Slideshow Maker Stock Video.

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How to rotate a video on your Android device using Google Photos

Free Trial Free Trial. Rotate Video 1. How to Rotate a Video 1.

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Rotate Video for Device 2. Rotate Video of Different Formats 3. Rotate Online Video 4. Software to Rotate Video 5. By Elva Sep 07, 9: Free Download Free Download. Supports almost all video, audio and image formats, making it easy to import media files from cameras and camcorders.

Top 6 Apps to Rotate Videos for Android

Simple and clean interface with all the editing tools and effects displayed in the main window. Contains all the basic features: Over types of effects to make your videos stunning and perfect: Corrects videos playback with the wrong orientation Corrects video sideways or upside down Will rotate any of your videos by 90, or degrees and change their playback orientation How to use this app to rotate video: Select a video from the displayed video list Use the rotate button and choose the desired rotation angle Use the execute Enter button to make the rotation change Use the play button to playback the new video.

A new video file will be created with the selected rotation and displayed in your list of videos. Use menu button to change folder and see more instructions. True Rotation, frame by frame native rotation. Quick rotation that uses the video header to set the rotation. True rotation Frame by Frame: Supports changing the video resolution.

Support for audio re-encoding. Supports regular rotation, and flip mirror effect , creation and cancellation. Bitrate quality support. Can show full video information. Advance file selection via our internal file picker or android file picker Works in the background. Quick Rotation: Simple Straight forward interface. Advance file selection via our internal file picker or android file picker. Very fast video manipulation.

After successful rotation, you can play the transcoded video, and share it using Gmail, YouTube, Dropbox or similar.

How to Merge Videos on Android with FilmoraGo

New Features: FREE No. Multi capture modes Multi trimmer for single video Multi title adding with animated bubble style Multi music and dubbing adding More themes, effects, titles and transitions downloads for FREE! Some videos are saved in the wrong direction of rotation when using Rotate Video Tool. It's a common occurrence. Also, when needed, the Android user will be given the capability to merge 2 videos together in order to produce one main file to be accessed. Or, the user may want to eliminate parts of the video before they rotate the video into the proper position.

So, there is still a lot that can be done with the right tools. The VivaVideo app can be described as one of the best android video camera rotation apps on the market today. With the use of an android phone, users can create awesome productions with ease.

In short, this is an excellent app for optimizing the videos before it is actually shared with others.

Top 6 Apps to Rotate Videos for Android

This application is also available with a wide range of different incredible features including providing users with the functionality that allows them to create a unique story board shooting style. Each of which helps the user to focus on creating a storyline that is simple to use and launch when completed. Some users say that this app is also easy and simple to use, but it is yet very powerful in performance. The Rotate Video Tool is idea for a number of different reasons.

How To Rotate A Video (Android)

Some of the most essential include correcting video recordings that have been saved in the wrong direction. For instance, instead of the user saving the video properly after it was recorded, the video was unfortunately saved in the wrong direction. In fact, based on the numbers, this is not only something that the user can easily do but a common occurrence among Android users and other mobile devices.

How to Rotate Android Videos in Windows Movie Maker

Therefore, with this app, the user can take advantage of several beneficial features including providing the user with the capability to encode the correct tags in order to make sure that the video can be shown in the right direction. This app is also equipped with a watermark feature that shows when the free version is used. The Video Editor can be described as an all in one app for users who want to make modifications to the video recordings that they have taken.

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  5. Part 2. Top 10 Apps to Rotate Videos on Android Phone.

Since this app provides a wide range of incredible features, Android users are provided with numerous functions that they can use to make their videos perfect prior to sharing. For instance, with this particular app, the user will have the capability to modify their videos in numerous beneficial ways including modifying the video to an audio file, trimming the videos so that they can feature various side effects.

The most common functions are provided for you below and they can be used to enhance the videos that the user has taken. Videos can also be recorded with the addition of the latest musical selections, while also giving the user the ability to create their own wallpaper and frames. So, the user will not only be provided with the capability to flip the video angles at 90 degrees but also offer so much more.

The mVideoCut is also a video editor that is presently packed with a lot of great features that can be used for a wide range of different purposes.

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  • For instance, in addition to rotating a video in the right direction, this app offers their features with a remote based solution. Simply put, when a user would like to have access to this app, they will need to ensure that they have access via a cloud based service option. To access this software app easily, all the user has to do is begin creating full movies with their mobile device once they have accessed the cloud for their functionality.

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    4. Part 1. Best Desktop Software to Rotate Videos for Android.

    It is also important to note that any rotations that must be done is accomplished by using the server feature option instead of allowing this process to drain on the app. The Video Converter has been designed in a number of different ways including providing users with the capability to be an alternative to utilizing one of the following applications:.

    All of which gives the user the opportunity to play their videos in more than one formats. So, the user will make sure that these videos are recorded accordingly, while also being converting all of their yearly videos into different kinds of formats that your Android supports. With this app, there is no previous dealings or exposures to this apps overall user experience. Instead, this app is one that can help to make and enhance videos in order to turn them into virtually any format when required.

    Use either of the apps in Part 2, you can rotate your videos easily on your Android phones or tablets directly.