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Viber does not only have the normal options that come with other texting applications, it's going to take it even with all the additional stickers and emoticons which allows for additional personalization.

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Presently, there are far more than million Viber users located in around countries. By default, you will preserve on receiving each and every notification delivered to you from your buddy, even when that individual delivered them consecutively. In the event, that irritating and distracting, switch on the Smart Notifications attribute to allow Viber to blend those messages into just one notification instead.

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If there is somebody on Viber that you'd prefer not to have gotten in touch with you, you can easily put them in the block listing. The ones that are on your block checklist won't be able to get a one-on-one discussion together with your or contact you using Viber. It is possible to turn off these features to provide you with a bit more privacy.

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A little something special certain time throughout the day that you would like to ensure you do not get any notifications from Viber, particularly when you are at the office. Very well, all that you should do is turn off notifications from inside the Viber software and you are ready to go.

If you do not like getting your Android OS device display screen turning on each and every time you obtain a new Viber alert, it is possible to turn off it. This way any new incoming messages won't illuminate your device screen instantly. If you do not want particular messages you and your buddy have sent in a chat, it is possible to have them removed from the chat room. However, this will only perform on the users side where, whatever messages you have erased will be erased in your device, since it will still show up on your buddy's device.

Viber for iPad recognizes users who have installed the application and uses our agenda of contacts of our Smartphone. We can make calls by typing the number directly or using the contact of our agenda. To send text messages we have only to select the contact. Share images and videos in your conversations.

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It is important to know that Viber app can only be active in a device with the same mobile number. If we want to enjoy Viber for iPad and Viber for iPhone we need to use different numbers of mobile.

If only we have a number of mobile, we can request a new number. Internet services as fonyou, they can provide new numbers to us. With this service it is not necessary to hire a line with a telephony operator. This ensures that your messages will not be lost even if Viber is not connected. You can make video calls from your iPad to other devices such as mobile phones and desktop computers.

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What's New in Version 5. During the Viber has presented numerous developments. Incorporating new features and improvements in the use of the application. The version available for download on devices with iOS system, it is version 5. Jan 4, You know more details in the section Viber app for IOS.

How to Download Viber to an iPad

Discover this unique customization. The sales figures of mobile devices are increasing every day. Different models of the brand of the apple appear in the first positions in the sales charts. Don't expect more and test this app. Hundreds of new friends are waiting for you. This latest version adds the ability to make video calls from devices with iOS and Android system. From the launch Viber App one of the features that has improved, is the incorporation of the famous stickers or emoticons. Other messaging applications have the ability to insert stickers in the talks.

Send stickers in our chats helps us to make more fun our conversations. From the stickers you want to show collections of stickers available for Viber app. It should be noted that not all collections of stickers are to be paid. Many of them are free and it is not necessary to carry out any additional cost to dispose of them in our PC, Tablet or Smartphone.